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about us

Founded in 1988, Frilixa is dedicated to the design, production and marketing of refrigeration equipment: exhibitors for the Hotel, Pastry, Butcher and Charcuterie sectors.

In 2010, Frilixa acquired the Trimco brand from which it resumed the production of its products, thus expanding and offering a greater range of solutions.

Since its inception, it has been working closely with customers to strengthen and develop their skills and Know-How in the production and marketing of refrigeration equipment, in order to permanently respond to changing customer needs.

Mission & Vision

Company Elements

Offering a wide range of attractive, functional and reliable commercial refrigeration equipment in the ongoing quest to deliver value for money and stakeholder satisfaction.

To assert itself as a European reference company in the manufacture of commercial refrigeration units, with emphasis on environmentally friendly production methods: For the environmentally friendly approach to the use of refrigerants. And recyclable materials, because of the concern to lower energy consumption and noise levels.

My Team

My Team